Who are we?

Primesigns Franchise is a sign, print, design and website opportunity.

Becoming a Primesigns franchise owner is a great opportunity to work in an ever changing environment, we are constantly growing and changing to stay ahead of the competitive market.

As a franchise owner you would be serving your area with sign, print, design and website services. This opens you up to working with the best machinery, software and people in the business.

Working with Primesigns, as a franchise owner is a long commitment and should only be entered by serious people who want to work in challenging customer orientated business.

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Primesigns Background

Founded in 1997 by entrepreneur Stephen Taylor, Primesigns offers design
and print solutions and excellent customer service at extremely competitive

Stephen opened his first shop in Ashford, Kent operating under the brand
“Primesigns”. The business later relocated to Hastings where Stephen
opened two shops, subsequently moving to a prime location in Hastings town
centre to satisfy the demand for his services. The move proved a great
success and the business achieved record turnover and profit in 2008.

Primesigns has produced work for many international brands such as Halifax,
Spar, AA Group, Eurostar, Natwest and Tesco. In addition, Stephen has
secured a unique partnership with leading print house which will allow
Primesigns to offer excellent quality print work at outstanding value for

Unsurprisingly, Stephen has been recognised for his achievements over the
years, winning UK Business of the Year, presented by Prince Charles, Young
Entrepreneur of the Year for Kent, and 1066 Entrepreneur Award. He also
works as a mentor for the Prince’s Trust from whom he received funding
during the early years of his business.

Having successfully proved the business methodology, Stephen is continuing
the expansion of the business through a combination of company owned
locations and Primesigns Franchises.

In addition to the Hastings shop, Primesigns opened a new shop in
Eastbourne, March 2010.

Whats Expected

Becoming a Primesigns franchise owner is not for everyone!

You'll need a medium level investment between £30,000 - £75,000, a love of hard work, a long term commitment and a hands-on approach to running a customer-orientated sales business, it's also recommended that any potential franchise owner has significant sales experience.

Your work will be rewarding both financially and personally, don't think of a primesigns franchise as a licence to print money. The rewards are certainly there, but they're for the earning, not the taking. If you're looking for an investment where you can sit back and not be involved, this isn't for you. We're not trying to put you off - we just want you to be aware of some of the realities before you go further. 

Can we work together?

Like we said, a career as a Primesigns franchise owner is not for people that don't like hard work. On the other hand we don't just let anyone become a Primesigns Franchise owner too. Ideally, you'll already have a successful business or career and will have demonstrated significant team leadership.

There's more to running a Primesigns franchise than taking the money and letting a designer do all the work, much more! You are taking on a role that will have people talking about you, the great job you have done, how cheap you are and that their friend/colleague should really come talk to you!

You need to be professional and realise that all jobs don't always go as planned, so what do you do? Do you go to pieces and not come up with a solution or do you make your apologies and re-do the job as quick as you can? Of course it's the latter. The customer is always right, and with our processes in place you won't be making mistakes!

The question we have for you is; Can you follow in-place processes that are designed to make you money?

Can you sell?

Working with the tools and training that Primesigns give you as a franchise owner you will be able to close sales many times a day!

It would of course be helpful if you have sufficient sales training from previous employment but it's not necessary as we give you four weeks of on-site training.

Once you have opened your branch of Primesigns, using our closing techniques and your self confidence we'll have you selling from day one!

Of course sales is a lot of hard work, especially the ones that almost get away. If you put in 100% and go the extra mile then you will usually get 100% of sales.

Being hands on

Being hands on, means just that! Your role would change by the minute from being in high powered sales meetings to sweeping the floors after a day of production. No two days are the same in a Primesign's franchise.

And that's not all, we encourage our franchise owners to enrol in Chamber of Commerce days out and breakfast meetings. Joining organisations like the BNI bring great advantages to your franchise, they increase sales from day one.

Most importantly - you will be leading your team and ensuring that at all times customers enjoy their visit to your store.

Whats the deal

As a guide, the cost of a Primesigns store costs around £75,000 all inclusive. This will typically be all costs that you incur depending

on the condition of the store that you choose.

Franchise buy in costs - £23,995
Machinery & shop costs - £49,500

Primesigns offers the lowest ongoing fees of all the sign and print franchises at just 9%.

And what do you get back?
Typically, you will receive (gross) £60,000 - £100,000 operating profit in the first year, so we say to you; work hard and sell sell sell.

What do i get?

As a franchise owner you'll be set up with everything you need to run a successful Primesigns store. In your store you will be offering services and products that will make you No. 1 in your local area. Products and services you will offer: Internet cafe. Photocopying centre. Graphic design. Digital small print. Digital large format print. Internal and external commercial sign work. Website design and hosting. Promotional and commercial business stationery. This will be challenging in every way but once you get to grips with the machinery and processes you will be ready to make your first ££££'s Primesigns is the only franchise to offer such a diverse structure of services and products, along with such a progressive sales technique you can't fail. We will offer you the opportunity to be part of an ever growing business with an ongoing support network.

Initial Training

We can train anyone as long as they are willing to learn the Primesigns way! Primesigns has a unique training package which is all based on site. We won't stick you in a class room learning theory you will actually be learning the skills on live jobs. Full training will be given on all aspects of the business from time keeping to book keeping - artwork to manufacture - introduction to closing sales. We can teach you it all. For those who are artistically talented it will be easier, but that shouldn't worry you as you will be employing a full time graphic designer to help you with that. Primesigns will give you four weeks intensive training. Two weeks will be spent in one of our premises and two weeks when you open your new shop. This will be enough to get you up and running in a concise way!

Powerpoint Training

As most of the people that are applying for franchises already have a print and sales basis we thought we would make training more accessible and produce Powerpoint Presentations that you can look at anytime you need to. The presentations detail most day-to-day aspects of the production, surveying, artwork, putting together pop-ups, laying up SRA3 pages, manufacture of stickers and signs. Basically we have thought of all the problems that you will have on a day to day basis and made a presentation for. This should stop you scratching your head when your first production jobs come in! We've got it covered!

Continual Training

After you graduate from your two weeks training you will already be ready to open your own shop. Whilst working hard to attract customers you will come up with daily problems which you won't be able to sort out, this is the time that you will need the most help. It will be a daunting experience for you, almost like being thrown in at the deep end! We will be there to help at every stage of your learning process!

Contact Info

For more details on this opportunity please contact

Malcolm Porter on 07721 985 147

For a much quicker response e-mail: malcolm.porter@fdssoutheast.co.uk

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